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With affectionate attention to detail, we arrange conference hotels and event locations. Being your venue finder for Germany and the European Union, we provide you with unique places that exceed your expectations.

We share the passion of people who create a beautiful environment for their guests every day, prepare outstanding menus and provide an individual atmosphere through lighting concepts, decorations, and sound experiences. It’s these things we cherish anew every day. We are happy to pass this on to you with our location marketing service!

Individual consulting.

When arranging conference hotels and event locations, individuality is our top priority.

We coordinate all relevant wishes with our clients and ‘explore’ your specific needs. Including those of your participants. This way we get a feeling for the goals you want to achieve with an event, how your company would like to present itself and what values are to be conveyed.

Based on our large location portfolio, our experience and knowledge of special hotels, venues and event locations in Germany and Europe, we usually find the exact place you are looking for. For each inquiry we individually check all the important factors – such as new openings in the requested area.

Location Marketing does not overwhelm you with all possible venues in a city – but finds the ones suitable for you. We help make your decision easy by providing all necessary information and important details – right up to the signing of the contract.

Request your personal venue finder for Germany or Europe

Long-term partnerships with our customers are our aspiration.
We do a lot for that:

  • We take the time-consuming task of looking for the ideal AND available venue off your hands
  • We process your inquiry quickly, guaranteeing fast replies
  • You won’t find our insider tips on any internet portal
  • We select hotels and event locations with care, so that ambience, service, and price match
  • As your personal venue finder, we work independently and disclose the arrangement of our offer
  • You get the same prices as with a direct inquiry – in many cases even less!
  • You will have ONE contact person for all questions, requests and option extensions until the contract is concluded
  • Our service is free of charge – even if no booking is made

“With our knowledge of exceptional venues, 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, and curiosity to always discover new locations, we will get you and your guests to the right place at the right time.”

Claudia Weden - Location Marketing

Claudia Weden
Owner of Location Marketing

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