Northern Germany’s cool event locationsSlide 1
Light-flooded event space in Hanover with beautiful outdoor area
Northern Germany’s cool event locationsSlide 2
One location, nine event areas PLUS beach club
Northern Germany’s cool event locationsSlide 3
Boat trip - a welcome alternative to bus transfers from/to your event location
Northern Germany’s cool event locationsSlide 4
Arrangement of an event location: cooking and celebrating in style near the river Elbe
Northern Germany’s cool event locationsSlide 5
Alster view from the roof terrace: meetings & (press)conferences for up to 80 pax
Northern Germany’s cool event locationsSlide 6
Hamburg’s central event location for conferences and parties

Northern Germany’s cool event locations

Where wind and vastness inspire the simple, the true and often the best ideas.

Northern Germany… that means events in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt, modern pop-up locations in Bremen’s overseas port, manor houses in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania or the imposing trade fair and conference center Herrenhausen Castle near Hanover (one of Europe’s most high-profile event venues). We also provide dinners with harbour view, dragon boat rides, event concepts in the enchanting artists’ village Worpswede or torchlight beach walks.

Ask us for the best conference hotels in Germany and for special event locations in the beautiful North!

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Eastern Germany’s venue highlightsSlide 1
Once in a lifetime: gala dinner just like in Venice
Eastern Germany’s venue highlightsSlide 2
Berlin market hall: networking in 1920s flair
Eastern Germany’s venue highlightsSlide 3
Tradition meets modernity: cool business hotel in Berlin
Eastern Germany’s venue highlightsSlide 4
Historical venue in the Berlin countryside: 24 individual rooms for up to 750 pax
Eastern Germany’s venue highlightsSlide 5
Italian palazzo in the center of Berlin offering 10 spectacular event venues
Eastern Germany’s venue highlightsSlide 6
Event hotel in Leipzig: amazing facilities, outstanding service, beautiful outdoor area

Eastern Germany’s venue highlights

Where literary high culture was followed by an ultra-modern conference culture.

Eastern Germany… that is the lively Leipzig with its versatile hotel industry, concerts in the Bach Museum, Erfurt with ICE connection and an ultra-modern conference culture in historic buildings. That is Dresden with breathtaking conference facilities, with modernity, rococo and baroque. And last, but not least: Berlin. From basic to sophisticated, from roof-top terrace to traditional, super-urban and climate-neutral – when it comes to event locations, there are no limits for us ‘in the East’.

Location Marketing presents event locations in Eastern Germany that will take your breath away!

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Western Germany’s bustling location sceneSlide 1
In the heart of Cologne: bright and modern conference location
Western Germany’s bustling location sceneSlide 2
Charming restored farm between Dusseldorf and Cologne for up to 500 pax
Western Germany’s bustling location sceneSlide 3
Industrial monument: a special place for creative meetings (catering available)
Western Germany’s bustling location sceneSlide 4
Venue on the banks of the river Rhine near Cologne. For workshops, exhibition or christmas parties
Western Germany’s bustling location sceneSlide 5
Exclusive celebrations, dining, and presentations in Limburg
Western Germany’s bustling location sceneSlide 6
Unique meeting rooms: design hotel in the center of Muenster

Western Germany’s bustling location scene

Where joie de vivre and German industrial history provide the setting for events.

Western Germany… that’s North Rhine-Westphalia’s high spirit, Cologne with its world trade fairs and an event scene that is constantly reinventing itself. Sustainability has a high value in the region and when it comes to event locations we can truly draw from the full range: There are endless small, exclusive insider tips, castles, vineyards – but also the restored coal mines of the Ruhr area and halls with impressive conference and stage technology. In addition to all this, there are conference hotels for truely every occasion…

We look forward to introducing you to the top locations for your event in Western Germany.

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Central Germany’s special conference qualitiesSlide 1
Historic property with large park between Heidelberg & Mannheim
Central Germany’s special conference qualitiesSlide 2
Close to Frankfurt yet surrounded by nature: conference hotel with art nouveau theater
Central Germany’s special conference qualitiesSlide 3
Charming country style: event hotel close to Heidelberg & Mannheim with creative kitchen
Central Germany’s special conference qualitiesSlide 4
Innovative event venue in the Rhine-Main area: 10 event rooms for up to 200 pax
Central Germany’s special conference qualitiesSlide 5
Château hotel for discreet and ambitious meetings close to Frankfurt
Central Germany’s special conference qualitiesSlide 6
Modern event location in the Mainz vineyards: Facilities with up to 340 sqm

Central Germany’s special conference qualities

Where all roads lead.

Central Germany… from the organizer’s point of view, that’s the region where you can perfectly bring together customers, employees, partners, and members from all over Europe. Fulda with 135 ICE stops a day and its convention center, is right in the middle. Frankfurt with international airport and meeting locations that only a metropolis can offer. The Rheingau region attracts visitors with its magnificent wineries, whereas the multifaceted Rhine-Main-Taunus area is not only well connected. Its landscape, lifestyle, and conference venues (from historic manor houses to vaulted cellars and ultra-modern architecture) promise everything that event planners’ hearts desire.

We know the region – and certainly the event location best suitable for your project.

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Southern Germany’s versatile event portfolioSlide 1
Rustic atmosphere for new ideas or team building: versatile venue at the foothills of the Alps
Southern Germany’s versatile event portfolioSlide 2
Nuremberg's top address for various event formats with up to 200 pax. Excellent event organization
Southern Germany’s versatile event portfolioSlide 3
Surrounded by lakes and Mount Zugspitze: unique hotel with 22 seminar rooms
Southern Germany’s versatile event portfolioSlide 4
Near Munich: conference venue incl. accomodation. Historic yet modern with organic farm & beer garden
Southern Germany’s versatile event portfolioSlide 5
Château hotel above Würzburg: meeting venue for up to 160 people & wine tasting
Southern Germany’s versatile event portfolioSlide 6
In the heart of Munich: Flexible spaces including outdoor area for (video) conferences and celebrations

Southern Germany’s versatile event portfolio

Where tradition meets innovation.

Southern Germany… a region that offers fundamentally different cities: The metropolitan area of Stuttgart with an outstanding range of event venues, culture and wine-related supporting programmes. Next to it Freiburg, Germany’s sunniest city. A student town with sustainable locations, short distances and highly innovative event partners. And then of course Munich, which scores points with its attractive surroundings, mountains and lakes, alpine huts in the middle of the city and its beer garden tradition. At the same time, it comes across as so modern with internationally acclaimed exhibition spaces, highly exclusive and exceptionally creative event venues.

Your inquiry for conference and event venues in Southern Germany is in the best hands with Location Marketing

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Europe’s top locationsSlide 1
Dream hotel in Provence with sea view. Hard to beat a conference here
Europe’s top locationsSlide 2
Innovative conference hotel with a unique view over Stockholm harbour
Europe’s top locationsSlide 3
Extensively restored industrial monument with outdoor area in Vienna for 50-5.000 pax
Europe’s top locationsSlide 4
Highly inspiring and exceptional conference venue close to Copenhagen’s center
Europe’s top locationsSlide 5
Close to the center of Prague and O2 Universe: The ideal hotel for congresses and conferences
Europe’s top locationsSlide 6
Panorama view from the terrace: Casual location in Prague offering excellent food

Europe’s top locations

Where possibilities have no boundaries.

Events all over Europe… this brings to mind Vienna with its distinctive meeting infrastructure of more than 200 conference venues. Prague and its cultural monuments in the heart of Europe: Many of its event venues are of interest to the MICE business as they capture the mysterious atmosphere and outstanding architecture of the city. Copenhagen scores points with commitment to sustainability and a special love for design – qualities that are reflected in the planning and designing of meetings and events. Barcelona must be mentioned, where tradition and innovation merge.

Wherever you would like to meet, celebrate, confer in Europe – leave it to us to find you event locations of a special kind!

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We arrange event locations

In Germany and Europe

Location Marketing is the agency with all the top addresses for corporate events. All over the continent we know fascinating and unusual spots. Many of them are a fixed part of our portfolio – and yet we look for new places with every inquiry. That’s how we keep discovering hidden gems.

Our services have turned hundreds of corporate events into inspiring, moving, and memorable experiences.

Let us know your desired destination, your event goals and ideas! Our team has put their heart and soul into fulfilling them for the last 15 years – and will continue to do so.

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